2024 Trends and Predictions

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When the world explorers went to discover new travel routes, they had to continuously re-assess all possible paths whilst paving their way in the safest possible (and fastest) manner. Just like early explorers, today's businesses need to adjust and accelerate in order to grow and succeed in a highly technology-driven world.

In 2024, the exploration of generative AI, coupled with everyday automation and sophisticated, intelligent technologies will continue to reshape our lives in many exciting ways. Machine learning, customer-centric innovation, and the ongoing evolution of the internet will continue to grow while helping us minimise the damage we do to the environment.

Join us for the '2024 Trends and Predictions' broadcast to learn more about:

The economy and what the landscape looks like for businesses
Transformative spend management technology and what to expect from AI-powered initiatives
Cost-cutting measures and business travel tensions
Macroeconomic outlook and its increasing impact on business
Hybrid working and new models of collaboration to empower the future workforce.

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