Spend Wise and Business Thrives

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In such unprecedented pandemic, most companies work their very best to control their cost for survival. When cost is unavoidable for running business, how to spend wisely to drive business outcomes is more important than ever.

When companies spend so much time on thinking how to allocate budget to different business activities, they should also not to lose sight on budget execution and measure your spend effectiveness. As spending becomes more and more decentralized, employees are making spending choices with less and less oversight. Departmental managers have budgets that are assigned by their superiors and monitored by the controller.

Is your corporate spending in line with your corporate priorities, or does it feel like it’s out of control?
How do you capture every dollar that goes out the door if your system can’t keep up with technology or changing business environment?
How do you know your money is going where it’s supposed to go if your processes aren’t connected?

Join this webcast to learn about
• Tips on company spend governance
• Better and more timely budget execution tracking to align with your business goals
• Business metrics to measure your spend effectiveness
• Leverage data analytics for wiser spend planning and decisions

Who should attend:
Budget Owners, Finance, IT, Admin & Operations and Procurement Professionals, HR Professionals.

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