Navigating the Return to Corporate Travel with Endemic COVID-19

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As countries open up their borders globally to travellers from different countries, there are a myriad of fluid rules to navigate depending on your itinerary, the assessed risk of the country that you are traveling from and vaccination status or immunity (recently recovered).

Most companies with international business operations acknowledge the need for critical business travel to resume and that costs need to be managed efficiently. Given that business travel has always been stressful, it is critical to ensure that your travellers have the right tools, protection and partners to work with before, during and post trip.

Join SAP Concur and FCM Travel as we discuss the following top-of-mind topics in this webinar:

  • Recommendations on returning to business travel safely
  • Importance of pre-travel approval and travel insurance
  • Setting compliance rules to approved travel suppliers
  • Help travellers keep up with dynamic changes on travel schedules and compliance

This is the first of a two-part travel webinar series. The second webinar on “Embracing Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management with endemic COVID-19” will run in January 2022.

Casey Speaker
Carl Jones
Vice President, Head of Strategy, Asia Pacific
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Joanne Taylor
Senior Director, Consulting Solutions & Services, Asia
FCM Travel
Casey Speaker
Elise Shen
Senior Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur
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