Customer Spotlight: Telstra

On-Demand Webinar

Hear how Telstra is empowering employees, driving performance and reducing costs by digitising finance processes

Telstra's been on a journey of transformation that has laid a solid foundation for it's T25 strategic plan to accelerate growth and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Join us to hear Telstra’s Business Operations Senior Lead, Alex Filip, talk about:

  • Why digital transformation is crucial for managing compliance and reducing costs
  • How Telstra has set a robust and scalable foundation for growth
  • Detecting out-of-policy spend
  • What tools are available to support organisations in recovery and growth mode

Alex Filip    Ben Price
Alex Filip
Business Operations, Senior Lead
Global Services, Telstra

Alex is responsible for the overall Accounts Payable operation in Australia and multiple international entities including the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, with a strong focus on the finance transformation strategy of Telstra.

He led the spend optimisation project as part of the overarching T22 strategy, aimed at partnering with key vendors to drive business efficiencies, cost savings and an improved employee experience. He continues to be actively involved in the next phase, the T25 strategy, supporting Telstra's plans for growth and enhanced customer experience.
   Ben Price
SAP Concur

Ben Price has held multiple roles at SAP for over 13 years, including Chief Customer Officer, Head of Customer Success, and now COO of SAP Concur APAC.

Ben is passionate about defining and pursuing success for SAP Concur customers, and ensuring they understand the value and innovation they can derive from SAP Concur solutions.

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