SAP Concur hosted Fusion event in March 2022. Rewatch some of the most popular sessions from this virtual event on-demand. The list of available sessions includes thought leadership, best practices, customer stories, "Ask an Expert", and more. 

Join SAP Concur Fusion on-demand recordings to optimise your investment in SAP Concur and be empowered to influence organisational change, so that your business is ready for anything. Tune in to Fusion Fridays sessions that are most relevant to you and your specific business challenges.


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Crafting Expense Policies to Meet Today's Needs

Discover some of the best ways to embed cost controls and compliance into policies – along with best practices for communicating changes to fellow employees.
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Tips and Tricks: Reshape Your Spend strategy   

Discover the latest tips and tricks from SAP Concur experts to help you reshape your spend strategy. Whether you implemented SAP Concur solutions 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, you’ll walk away with new ideas to improve your program.
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Ask the Expert: Leveraging Your Data   

Get the answers to your data and reporting-related questions from SAP Concur solutions consultants.
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Tips and Tricks to Reestablish Your Travel Program   

Discover the latest tips and tricks from SAP Concur experts to help you reestablish your travel program. Whether you implemented SAP Concur solutions 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, you’ll walk away with new ideas to improve your program.
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Is Your Compliance Program Fully Compliant?    

SAP Concur solutions provide multiple checks for helping ensure your organization's compliance program is fully compliant. Develop a greater understanding of how to get the most out of those checks, without sacrificing the employee experience. See the reports available to provide insights and help influence decisions that improve compliance. 

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Top Reports for Travel and Expense Data    

With all the reports available through SAP Concur solutions, how can you be sure you're utilizing the right ones for your business? Discover the top standard and custom reports and dashboards for showcasing the right metrics to drive impactful change, knowing you're leveraging the right KPIs and tools available to you.

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Expert Insights on Understanding Fraud    

Hear about the global benchmark report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and how your company can mitigate risk in the changing business environment. Translate those insights into actions that optimize your program. Learn how AI and machine learning are playing a new role to help ensure compliance, reduce fraud, and mitigate risk. 

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Ask the Expert: Optimising Your Travel Program    

Get the answers to your travel-related questions from SAP Concur solutions consultants.

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Customer Spotlights (2 customer stories Dover Corporation & Tetra Pak)    

Hear directly from our customers.

Dover Corporation will share how they gained visibility into spend, consolidated policies, tackled change management, and automated processes with SAP Concur solutions.
Tetra Pak will share their experience with the global implementation of Concur Travel, including best practices for consolidation and change management.

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Introduction to SAP Concur Solutions for EMEA    

New to SAP Concur solutions or want to see how you can get even more from a fully automated platform? Join this overview session to see the end-to-end SAP Concur platform in action, including the benefits of connecting travel, expense and invoice for your organization. You’ll hear how other companies have increased their spend efficiency and visibility, as well as gain best practices for a smooth implementation. 
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Fusion Fridays - Ask the Expert: Evolving Your T&E Policy Strategy    

Get the answers to your policy-related questions from SAP Concur solutions consultants. 

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Accounts Payable: Becoming Fully Automated    

Where is your organization on its automation journey? Find out if there's more you could be doing to increase the visibility of managed spend and reduce errors, including how to automate PO and non-PO invoices, to take your AP processes to the next level. 

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Getting a Clear, Accurate View of Travel Spend       

Industry leaders share their insights into innovative tools to capture data, craft travel policies, and track and control costs. Learn how to gain the visibility that helps brings invisible spend under control while satisfying the need to keep travelers safer and more secure. 
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Effective Strategies for Change Management       

Now, more than ever, managing change in your organization is essential.
Learn how to implement successful change management processes for SAP Concur solutions,
including planning, engaging employees, training and communication practices, and useful reports.