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Let the Data Do the Driving Toward Business Growth

Today’s business landscape is changing and is ever more competitive. To accomplish your growth goals, your decisions must not only be financially sensible but also intelligent. The shift toward analytical, data-based decision making is upon us.

SAP Concur is excited to partner with Michael Jones, the head of sales and partnerships at MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory. Michael is a leading mind in business data management and how to use it to your organization’s benefit.

Join us for a 50-minute webinar and hear more from Michael about:

  • Understanding what useful Business Data is – and what it may not be
  • Accelerating your business by looking deeper and getting smarter
  • How to use Business Data to do proactive business planning
  • Uncovering platform solutions that can make your organization run smarter

Featured Presenters
Michael Jones.png Michael Jones
SVP, Sales & Partnerships
MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory
jimllanas.jpg Jim Llanas
Senior Invoice Specialist
SAP Concur

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