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Shaping the Future Workforce with AI and Intelligent Technology

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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping our business landscape. We’ve seen its transformative capabilities first-hand and now is the time to address its potential and discuss how it can be integrated into our workforce.

Wondering how to leverage AI solutions for your business growth in today's fast-paced tech landscape?

SAP Concur invites you to join our virtual webcast to learn about emerging AI trends in the North American business industry.  This exciting panel is hosted by Brian Veloso, Managing Director at SAP Concur Canada and features industry experts Tom Olsen, Vice President of Managed Business Services at SAP Concur, Paolo Granata Associate Professor in Book and Media Studies at the University of Toronto and Zoe Willis, National Data and Digital Leader for Canada at KPMG LLP.

The discussion covers:

  • Definition and understanding of AI.
  • Adoption of AI in the workplace and the initial steps needed to effectively embrace AI in business operations.
  • How AI enhances employee well-being and productivity.
  • Trends, impacts, and future predictions regarding the influence of AI in the professional landscape.
Casey Speaker
Brian Veloso
Managing Director of Canada
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Tom Olsen
Vice President of Managed Business Services
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Zoe Willis
National Data & Digital Leader for Canada

Casey Speaker
Paolo Granata
Associate Professor of Book and Media Studies at the University of Toronto

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