5 Signs Your Business is Running You 

Tips to make your AP and expense processes more efficient

It happens … approving expenses gets overly complicated, invoices are being approved on weekends, and your systems can’t seem figure out how to give you an accurate snapshot of cash flow.

Sound familiar? It’s possible your business is running you instead of you running your business.

Consider the effort and time it takes you and your teams to complete what should be basic, recurring tasks and what more you could be achieving inside or outside of the office instead.

Join a live discussion between Steve Strauss of USA TODAY and Kellee Simmons of SAP Concur to hear more about:

  • Signs that inefficient financial processes are creating work-life imbalance
  • Best practices to mitigate or eliminate these inefficiencies 
  • Why optimizing AP and expense processing (especially through automation) can restore performance and satisfaction

Walk away from this webinar feeling better equipped to make changes that put you back in the driver’s seat.

Steve Strauss
Bestselling Author
Senior Small Business Columnist
Kellee Simmons
Accounts Payable Specialist
Small Business Division
SAP Concur
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