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SAP Concur Reporting Made Simple

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Learn How to Turn Your SAP Concur Data into Actionable Insight

Your SAP Concur solution is packed with valuable spend data that, when harnessed, can provide a clear picture of spend patterns, the timeliness of expense submissions and approvals, and pinpoint opportunities to reduce costs. The good news is, if you’re utilizing the Cognos reporting platform, this information is already in your SAP Concur solution.

Join us for this on-demand Client Admin Training Series webinar, Reporting 101* to learn how to use these reports to fully leverage your spend data, and benefit your company.

During this event, our SAP Concur experts will discuss:

  • How other SAP Concur clients are using the Cognos reporting tool in their solutions.
  • The different Cognos reporting packages available—and the most popular reports in each.
  • How to automatically share specific reports with different personas or groups.
  • Reporting best practices.

There’s something for admins at every experience level to learn and apply at their own organization.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your SAP Concur data into actionable insight. Register now to watch on-demand recording.

* This training webinar is intended for customers with one of the following SAP Concur reporting platforms: Analysis, Intelligence and/or Consultative Intelligence. If you are on the Analytics Essentials or Analytics reporting platform, we’d encourage you to register for the on-demand webinar aimed towards your reporting platform.

Casey Speaker
Alex Schwenke
Client Success Manager
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Marcos Llanas
Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur

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