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Connected Finance:
To Infinity & Beyond

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), at the most basic level, is the integration of a business’s core processes (think: core finance, HR, manufacturing, and more). But have you considered how your spend data from SAP Concur solutions gets into those systems?

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 to know that integrated business data insights are critical for your organization’s health and well-being.

Join us as we dive into the universe of options for secure, bi-directional, system-to-system communications of your employee-generated spend data and get ready to realize:

  • Faster processing and payments
  • End-to-end, timely visibility into spending
  • Time and resources savings
  • … and more

Our expert panelists and product specialists will guide you through the options. Register today.

Casey Speaker
Geetha French
Sr. Manager of Business Development
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Cindy Evans
Sr. Marketing Manager
SAP Concur

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