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Crafting a customized travel and expense policy

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Does your organization have a travel and expense policy? If so, how effective is it? How accessible and visible is your policy to your employees? A current, definitive and simple policy is crucial to any business no matter what the size.

A clear policy guides employee spending and reduces traveler friction while maximizing organizational cash flow and enhancing financial controls.

Join us for a live webinar featuring experts from the Lyndon Group who will walk you through best practices for creating and maintaining a travel and expense policy including:

• What you need in your policy
• How to get started easily and get buy-in from your staff
• Pitfalls you need to watch out for

Attendees will receive an expense policy template that's ready for your business needs. Register now.

Guest Speaker:               

Oren Geshuri
Director, Technology & Media Services
The Lyndon Group

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