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Managing company spend with more accuracy and less effort.

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This past year has taught all businesses that agility is imperative. As we prepare for the expected spike of reimbursement submissions relating to travel and work-from-home expenses, the likelihood of fraud increases. Whether resulting from unintentional mistakes, submission mishaps, or corruption, we can help you identify and manage fraud & compliance with less effort.

Join us as we discuss how to determine if you have the tools in place to enforce compliance and avoid fraud risk.

Topics will include:

  • Which types of fraud/mistakes you can likely expect with increased travel
  • Identification of risk and compliance issues before they become a trend
  • Minimizing the workloads for your team while increasing expense compliance accuracy
  • How the use of AI and machine learning can resolve issues before reimbursement
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Casey Speaker
Neil Roland
Solutions Expert
SAP Concur
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