Enabling the Sustainable Businesses with SAP

IDC Sustainability survey in the Nordics

Mankind is grappling with interrelated social, environmental, and health crises. Organizations and individuals must consequently rethink their roles and become part of a solution.

The results of the IDC Sustainability in the Nordics Survey, SAP, July 2020 suggest that companies in the Nordic region are realizing that they must credibly meet the financial, environmental, and social expectations of shareholders, workers, and other stakeholders if they are to become sustainable.

You will learn:

  • How IT and digital technologies help create a positive economic, social, and environmental impact
  • Achieving long-term business resiliency has several practical implications for organizations, but it requires strong focus on supply chains, partner ecosystems, and people and operational management processes.
Sneak peak:
  • 75% of organizations will completely digitally transform as they reorient their business models toward platform-based, data-driven value chains that link to external partner ecosystems.
  • One common obstacle to the achievement of business sustainability is the deficiency of reliable, fact-based data inputs.

Download our survey results to learn more about the Sustainable Enterprises in the Nordic countries and how delivering long-term value to shareholders while fulfilling commitments to other stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, and communities) is the foundation of a long-lasting business.

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