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Admin Notice: Starwood Preferred Guest Program Update

As part of Marriott International’s ongoing integration of the Starwood brand, Marriott is migrating Starwood Preferred Guest numbers onto their technology platform. On August 18th, Marriott International will replace all existing Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Numbers with NEW SPG numbers. The SPG program is not going away. As a first step of the migration, new SPG numbers are being created on the Marriott platform.

The SPG loyalty program update will have an impact on Concur Travel and Concur TripLink systems and customers. Please make note of the following action items that may apply to you:

Concur Travel Profile
The Starwood Preferred Guest field will be removed from the “Frequent Traveler Programs” section of the Concur Travel Profile, and the name of the Marriott Rewards loyalty field will be changed to, “Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest.

  • Employees who have only SPG numbers in their Concur Travel Profile will have to input their new number into the Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest field.
  • Employees who currently have both a Marriott Rewards number and an SPG number stored in their Concur Travel Profile will have to choose either their NEW SPG number or their Marriott Rewards program number to enter into Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest field.
  • Employees who have only a Marriott Rewards number in their Concur Travel Profile do not need to take any action.

Concur TripLink
Connections established between Concur and SPG will be broken.

  • When employees update their loyalty numbers as suggested above, and if they are enrolled in My Travel Network, a new connection request to Marriott/SPG will automatically be sent on their behalf and they will be re-connected. Users that are not enrolled in My Travel Network can connect their Concur and Marriott/SPG accounts using the updated Marriott/SPG app listing in the App Center after updating their loyalty numbers as suggested above. 
  • For any TripLink bookings made for a hotel on the SPG platform that has not yet been migrated to the Marriott platform, the booking will not sync with Concur. 
  • For TripLink bookings, Marriott is managing a translation table so that the appropriate TripLink discount code is applied to Starwood bookings 

How We're Communicating
SAP Concur is planning on sending an end user communication to all users who have SPG numbers in their Travel profiles following Marriott’s distribution of the new SPG loyalty numbers starting on August 27, 2018. The following are examples of the end user communications:

Please email if you have questions about the end user communication.

Know that Marriott International and SAP Concur are working together to mitigate any interruption to Concur Travel and/or Concur TripLink. Below are additional communications and resources for your reference:

If you have additional questions about how this may impact your program specifically, please reach out to your SAP Concur or Marriott International account team. Also, you can email Marriott Customer Service or

Thank you.