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Manage your Budgets and Control Spend with Budget from SAP Concur

Make better-informed decisions about spend by seeing its impact on your budget before it happens. Learn how Budget takes things beyond seeing, and in to doing.

Join us for this 30-minute webinar where our very own Budget Solution Consultant, Hailey Crundwell, will show you how Budget will help you gain more visibility into spend with near real-time data, increase control of your budgets, and simplify the process so you can make better spending decisions.

Learn more about how viewing budgets from inside this SAP Concur application can help with:

  • Visibility: Customizable alerts keep you informed of when important spend is occurring 
  • Control: Be proactive with your budget when things go as planned and know how to respond when they don’t
  • Flexibility: Set permissions for different people so your budget is unique to your organization 
  • Integration: Connections with your T&E systems aggregate employee-initiated spend in near-real time   

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