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The Hidden Costs of Travel and Expense

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How to manage the expenses you see – and especially the ones you don’t

Are the blind spots in your employee spending accounted for? You know, the “hidden” travel and entertainment expenses like flights that are booked out-of-system, taxes you don’t realize, or itemized meal expenses submitted incorrectly, or even fraudulently.

While most systems track clear-cut expenses, the reality is that some costs will slip through traditional methods – a result of insufficiently documented expense policies, cumbersome tools, or simply, varying employee working styles.

To truly manage spending, you must know what to look for and where to look.

Join us to hear more from business and technology journalist, Cindy Waxer as she discusses:

  • The costs you don’t see, including out-of-system bookings
  • The danger of not knowing these costs, such as not knowing where employees are travelling
  • 5 steps to revealing hidden costs, including what you should know about passive spending
  • The benefits of automated T&E, such as reducing errors and fraud

If your system can’t capture spending wherever or whenever it happens, you’re not managing all your spending.


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