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Transformational Ideas for AP Pros in the Modern Workplace

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Keynote Webinar
Meet the MVPs of AP – and Learn Their Secrets

In this one-hour educational webinar, Transformational Ideas for AP Pros, our experts George Jackson, Natalie Jones, and Wendy Sward will discuss tips for making both micro and macro improvements to AP that will improve your job experience, demonstrate the true value of AP to leadership, unlock revenue-contributing potential, and boost your career.

You will learn about:

  • How to establish the Most Unforgettable vendor invoice policy
  • Optimization tips that create the Most Improved processes
  • The Most Analytical use of data to drive better practices
  • Why AP process automation will make your team Most Likely to Succeed
  • And how to become the Most Valuable AP professional to not just boost your organization, but future-proof your career

We hope you take this opportunity to start turning your AP team into your company’s next great MVP (Most Valuable Process).

Casey Speaker
George Jackson, CPA
Value Consultant
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Natalie Jones, APPSC
Sr. Invoice Business Consultant
SAP Concur
Casey Speaker
Wendy Sward
Sr. Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur
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